What is Coaching and how does it work?

Coaching is a process based on a relationship that delivers better performance.  


The individual, with the help of the coach, decides what they want to focus on, what they want to do better or differently, and the coach enables the individual to achieve their goals.


Through clarifying goals and understanding the barriers to success the coach facilitates insights, learning and actions that combine together to create change and a different outcome.  The coach is a change agent, a catalyst for accelerating change.  The coach focuses on results, building self-awareness and insight, self-belief and self-confidence in the client.


Coaches trust that the client is resourceful and has the best solutions to their issues and challenges - the solutions that will work for them.  The coach asks good questions, actively listens, challenges unhelpful thinking, observes patterns of behaviour and provides feedback to the client. Coaching tends to be future focused and action oriented rather than dwelling too much on the past.


The coach supports the client in developing patterns of thinking that over time achieve increased effectiveness. They provide a safe environment to explore issues and practice new ways of acting to deliver better results.

What are the benefits of coaching?


In a nutshell the benefit of coaching is a leader who is more effective and successful in their role, both short and long term.  Other benefits include:

  • A reduction in the time taken up by others in the organisation who would otherwise be required to support the coachee and who likely have their own issues and challenges to face. 
  • A focus on immediate issues and the specifics of the situation. 
  • A safe environment for the client to try out new ways of thinking and behaving to get different results. 
  • A supporter and encourager for the client who is in a challenging situation, thus demonstrating the commitment of the organisation to the individual.

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