Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Assignments: Here are some examples including the objectives of the coaching and the approach we took:

Who: Director of Research, Asset Management


Goal: to quickly develop team management skills from having no previous people management experience; to build credibility with key stakeholders


Outcome: we used each new situation as an opportunity to learn about managing people, we used role plays to prepare the client for difficult conversations and introduced simple but effective processes for giving feedback; handling appraisals and compensation conversations; developing, engaging and motivating the team; and dealing with tricky issues.

Who: Chief Actuary, Asia Pacific Insurance


Goal: to take a highly intelligent technical specialist and help him become an equally capable leader of a regional function - with teams in many countries in Asia


Outcome: we used Hogan to raise self-awareness and coaching to develop leadership strategies which included communicating his vision to inspire and motivate employees; setting direction; and rolling out a clear set of goals to unite the function.  He also learned how to manage his behaviour when under pressure both at work and at home.

Who: Head of Underwriting, Insurance


Goal: to manage up effectively and appropriately in a matrix environment with a challenging boss, and to build a strong team with succession in place


Outcome: feedback was gathered from the key stakeholders to bring clarity to the issues; we worked on managing multiple bosses as well as managing a team –delegating effectively, coaching to develop strong individuals and taking a more systematic approach to delivering the team’s objectives

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