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For coaching teams, the Five Behaviours model created by Patrick Lencioni, is tried, tested and validated.

As an Authorised Partner for the Five Behaviours team model, and an experienced team coach, I am able to work with teams to become more cohesive, more collaborative, more effective and higher performing.


I have worked with a number of teams, facilitating offsites and workshops, either as one-off events, or over an extended period of time.  To become a high performing team takes practice and training.  It's similar to becoming fit and healthy as an individual - it generally takes a change of mindset, a change of behaviour, and the development of new habits, new ways of doing things.  This isn't something that we find easy to do but with a coach it is easier.


I use tried and tested methods when I work with teams, and I also personalise my approaches to the needs of the team.

When setting out to coach a team, the first thing to establish is whether they have shared goals and are in fact a team.  Do they depend on each other to deliver a set of goals?  If so, then focusing on building team cohesion will make a significant difference to the likelihood that they will deliver on their goals and, indeed, become a high performing team.

The Five Behaviours model is simple but not simplistic.  A team can answer 20 questions, 4 on each of the five behaviours, and get a self-assessment of their team.


The resulting report (see example report below) can then be used during offsites and workshops to understand the team's strengths and areas for improvement in order to become a cohesive and high performing team.


Included in the report is a DiSC profile (or a Type profile) to increase the levels of self awareness of individuals and of team members.

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